Palm oil is a vegetable oil made from the mesocarp

Palm oil is a vegetable oil made from the mesocarp (reddish pulp) of oil palm fruit. Food, cosmetic goods, and biofuel are all made using the oil. In 2014, palm oil accounted for about 33% of all oil crops produced globally. Environmentalists have expressed worry about the usage of palm oil because of deforestation in the tropics, where palms are produced, and it has also been mentioned as a role in societal issues because of accusations of human rights abuses by palm oil farmers. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil was founded in 2004 by an industry organization to develop more sustainable and ethical palm oil. However, the organization certifies relatively little palm oil, which has been condemned by certain organizations as greenwashing. Oil palms have been utilized by humans since 5,000 BC. Archaeologists found a material in a tomb going back to 3,000 BCE at Abydos in the late 1800s that they determined was once palm oil. Oil palm is said to have come to Egypt through merchants.